ISWA Launches Three Major New Reports


How Industry 4.0 Transforms the Waste Sector

This ground-breaking report is an elaboration of ISWA’s 2017 survey of the 1000s of waste management organisations and professionals and highlights the ways in which the waste sector will be transformed by Ind 4.0. But, most importantly, the report will serve as an important practical guideline to make sure that the industry benefits from the rapid technological changes. It maps out most of the innovations that the waste industry will face, and must adapt to, over the coming years. ISWA is committed to playing leading role working with governments, authorities, municipalities and the private sector to ensure that the advances of the 4th Industrial Revolution will be utilised to stimulate a wasteless future and circular economy.

Download the report here


Closing Dumpsites: Climate Benefits Due to Dumpsite Closure: Three Case Studies

This report aims to present the climate benefits of closing dumpsites, showcasing three successful studies from around the world including: Estrutural in Brasilia, Brazil, Rautenweg in Vienna, Austria, and Hiriya in Tel Aviv, Israel. This report focuses on the climate benefits of moving away from uncontrolled dumping to an integrated, sustainable solid waste management system. The conclusion of the report provides advice and recommendations for dumpsite transition.

Download the report here.

ISWA Landfill Operational Guidelines 3rd editio n

This report provides the latest practice in sanitary landfill management used to assist waste managers with day-to-day operations at sanitary landfill sites. The document promotes better professional waste management practices. A broad range of topics are covered from the basics of site road placement and construction, to methods of bird and vector control.  Partners from 12 different countries participated in the drafting of this document reflecting a large breadth and depth of expertise and experience. (Thanks to the Platinum Sponsors, AST, RAMBOLL WEHRLE.)

Download the report here.