Member Privileges

We believe that the future scientist / professional / researcher (today’s student) who is interested in the SWM field will benefit from participating in HSWMA. Be a member of this growing family. Start communicating with the engineers currently in action. In addition, the contribution of young scientists to this scientific body is particularly important.

Benefits of the Regular Members

  • Reduced fees for participation in events organised by HSWMA
    Free distribution of HSWMA publications and reduced fees for HSWMA publications
  • Access to HSWMA library and member list
  • Technical support and additional information by the Secretary
  • Participation to working groups
  • Access to all pages of HSWMA web site

Additional Benefits for Institutional members of HSWMA

Institutional members of HSWMA may addditionaly:

  • Register two employees as HSWMA members
  • Propose members for the establishment of working groups
  • Promote their activities through sponsoring within HSWMA events

Benefits of Students HSWMA members

  • Information on events (workshops / conferences) related to Solid
    Waste Management
  • Communication / Contact with other HSWMA members (professors,
    researcher, construction companies, as well as officials from ministries,
    public organizations, local authorities, industries, private companies).
  • Access to the knowledge and experience related to the entire spectrum
    of solid waste management.

What HSWMA expects from young members

  • New ideas
  • Assistance in HSWMA’s Adaptation to recent developments